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Since joining the firm in 1998, Terry has focused his practice on probate, estate and trust administration, and Oregon guardianship and conservatorship law. With this experience, Terry is developing an estate planning practice of his own. Terry deals daily with personal representatives and trustees, estate and trust beneficiaries, financial institutions, probate courts, and tax authorities. Terry oversees his clients’ federal and state estate tax issues and helps to minimize their tax burdens, while also supervising the proper distribution of estate or trust assets.


Escaping from South Texas where he was raised, Terry spent five years living in South Korea. He now lives in South Vancouver (WA) with his wife (Hyonjoo) and daughter (Renee). This Southerner collects and reads award-winning novels, enjoys smoking cigars and pipes (when his wife's not looking) and hopes to get back to studying classical guitar one of these days.

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